Why register your agency for a membership?

  • Get the best care for your clients and families.

  • Ensure your BCBAs remain current on ongoing developments in the field.

  • Prevent common burnout by creating a support system for your staff.

  • Save agency resources needed to arrange CEU workshops.

Since you asked...

  • Who gives the courses?

    Course presenters are handpicked by their knowledgeability of the course topic and their achievements in the ABA field

  • Why should our agency bother with this extra expense?

    BCBAs need a lot of encouragement and support. This easy step shows them that you care about their professional development. You can also use it as a promotional gift for your employees.

  • Is this really going to help retain BCBAs?

    YES! Little details like this go a long way in finalizing a BCBA’s professional decision.

  • How long does registration take?

    After you fill out the form on this page, your membership will be processed within 2 business days.

  • What does the onboarding process involve?

    You will receive a welcoming packet with clear instructions on how to navigate the system for both the agency directors and BCBAs. BCBAs take care of their own account and certification.

  • Can I sign up for just one month?

    Agencies do make a 6 month commitment by registering.

  • How do I add additional BCBAs over time? I don't want to be busy with onboarding!

    Any BCBA you would like to add in for benefits, will simply sign up on their own at any point in the month. CITEpro will invoice your agency at the end of each month for the BCBAs that were enrolled.

  • We have a specific request for my agencies professional development needs. Who do I contact?

    You can be in touch with any questions or specific requests Please email admin@citepro.com

CEU Membership Packages

Choose the option that's right for your agency

The BCBAs you employ define your agency.

  • Attract

    Attract top providers and give them another reason to remain with your agency.

  • Provide

    Provide them with educational and emotional support to prevent burnout common among BCBAs.

  • Improve

    Improve supervision skills for directing behavior technicians.

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