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We’re the reason why they have the happiest BCBAs

What's included in CEU

Your BCBAs will thank you for:

  • Access to 32+ CEU library including supervision and ethics

  • New monthly courses with high quality content from experienced presenters

  • Whatsapp community for BCBA questions and support

Giving all the support your BCBAs
need to empower your agency.

  • BCBA Focused

    Attract top providers and give them another reason to remain with your agency.

  • Client Focused

    Get the best care for your clients and families.

  • Science Focused

    Ensure your BCBA's remain current on ongoing developments in the field.

  • Health Focused

    Prevent common burnout by creating a support system for your staff.

  • Efficiency Focused

    Save agency resources needed to arrange CEU workshops.