Spring Summer CEU 2021 Membership

Make the most of summer 2021 with 3 live courses + one pre recorded- worth 12 CEUs!

Would you love to make the most of your summer by properly preparing yourself for the upcoming school year?

And while you’re at it, wouldn’t it be wonderful to get clarity on the tough-to-approach, butterflies-in-your-stomach BCBA- related topics that are keeping you up at night?

Our SS21 Membership Package is chock full of helpful mindsets, valuable information and practical strategies from first class presenters. Their insightful presentations are sure to up your skill set and greatly enhance your performance as a BCBA. 

And those hard-to-handle areas that make you want to crawl back under your covers?

You’ll gain the confidence and skills you need to feel cool as a cucumber when you deal with them :).

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for this exciting, value-packed membership package:

Course #1

June 14

Presenter:  Timothy Folley 

Topic: “Trauma and Attachment Lense: Applications”

  • Gain a new, fresh perspective on healing trauma by using ABA for treatment that’s effective and measurable.

  • Hear practical examples and useful strategies in treating trauma through this powerful, non-traditional lens.

Course #2

July 15

Presenter: Kelly Bermingham

Topic: Sex and Puberty: Our obligation

  • Receive clear, research-based guidance on this delicate topic that’s tempting to shy away from, but so important to address.

  • Learn from real client case studies and hear what goals should be set in this area + how to meet them.

Course #3

August 19

Presenter: Janis Krempa

Topic: Adaptive Parenting: A Fresh Approach to Parent Training

  • Hear a helpful, fresh approach to partnering with parents

  • Learn clear systems for successful  interaction with parents for developing goals, doing assessment, offering support, writing summaries of consults and lots more.


Available immediately when purchasing the SS21 Membership Package

Presenter: Shira Pressburger

Topic: Natural Environment Teaching

  • Discover the 8 obstacles to natural environment teaching (NET) and how to overcome each one.

  • Enjoy creative methods and out-of-the-box ideas that will make the programming interesting and exciting to implement.


  • Will the courses be recorded?

    Yes! If you miss anything, the recordings will be available in your Dashboard until 8/31/21.

  • Are all the courses eligible for BACB Ceus?

    Yes. CITEpro is registered ACE provider. You can find us in the BACB directory as "Sharpen Your Skill" OP-17-2701

  • For how long will my membership be active?

    SS21 Memberships will be active from the time of your purchase until Labor Day. Each course will be available in your Dashboard from the time it is recorded until the end of your membership.

No more dreading the start of the school year


No more regretting the missed opportunity of valuable summer learning

No more running away from those hate-to-discuss-but-know-you-need-to topics

Sign up for SS21 membership and gain the skills and confidence that you’d LOVE to have.

Meet our talented presenters:

Timothy Folley

Timothy Folley is a BCBA who loves raising his three lively boys together with his wife in beautiful, rural Maine. He earned his Masters in Ed Psych from the University of Southern Maine in 2014. 

Tim’s favorite cases were with children who were diagnosed with autism but presented more like trauma and attachment disorders. Tim himself is no stranger to trauma. He worked through a bout of his own PTSD in 2017 from a behavior analytic perspective. While dealing with his own traumas, Tim dug deep to understand how the process works.

In 2019 Tim began working with the brain injury population. At that point, Tim saw clearly how this population also has deep-rooted trauma and attachment issues. They were able to benefit tremendously from his expertise in this area.

Tim is very excited to share his deep-seated knowledge and experience with other behavior analysts. He will also share the takeaways that he had from his personal encounter with trauma. Tim hopes that you too can gain from using ABA instead of the traditional lense used in the treatment of trauma and attachment.

Kelly Bermingham

Kelly Bermingham has been practicing in the field of ABA for 25 years. She received her BCBA in 2003. She is a published author who specializes in Early Intervention Program development and helping clients with social skills. She partnered with Janis Krempa in writing the book "Social Skills Solutions- A Hands-On Manual for Teaching Social Skills to Children with Autism." which has become a terrific resource for educators, parents and professionals to teach social skills to children with autism. She has completed research and written several blogs for Autism Speaks during her time at UCI.

Kelly has successfully dealt with children and teens on the autistic spectrum both with her clients and in her personal life. She’s passionate about  giving her clients the knowledge and tools necessary to become fully functioning, emotionally healthy individuals. She’s also passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise with other BCBAs so they too can deal with sensitive topics in the best way possible.

She’s well-versed in the latest research on ASD. She’s professional in her practice, while also being warm, friendly and genuinely caring for the well-being of her clients.

Kelly’s presentation is super-organized with a clear buildup and actual case studies that she’s dealt with on this topic. Kelly is delighted to have you gain from her experience and passion on this delicate, yet vital topic.

Janice Krempa

Janis' introduction to behavior analysis began over 25 years ago in 1994 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In 1996, after an invitation from Dr. Ivaar Lovass, she moved to Los Angeles to work at The Lovaas Institute at UCLA.

Relocating to Boston in 1997, Janis earned her Master's degree in Education and a graduate certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from Penn State in 2003. At that point she began her important work of partnering with families, professionals and school districts across the state of Massachusetts to provide ABA services, conduct program evaluations and run social skills groups for children and young adults. She also consults for schools, conducts curriculums and behavior assessments. Janis develops IEPs as well as transition and vocational training programs and creates community workshops and parent training. 

Partnering with Kelly McKinnon-Bermingham, she co-authored "Social Skills Solutions- A Hands-On Manual for Teaching Social Skills to Children with Autism." It quickly became a "go-to" resource for educators, parents and professionals to teach social skills to children with autism. Janis also contracted with Northwell Health in New York, consulting to an inpatient psychiatric hospital for children and adolescents, and providing weekly supervision for prospective BCBA and BCaBa candidates. Janis feels incredibly fortunate to have had many opportunities to work in the field of ABA across the country and learn from incredibly talented professionals. She’s also been inspired by passionate, dedicated parents and families in her career. She combines her invaluable experiences in her work with staff training, BACB supervision, and program development. She uses her passion to contribute to the field of behavior analysis by advocating awareness of the requisite "soft skills''. This includes effective communication, collaboration skills, and professional development as a foundational building block in achieving excellence in ABA services.

There’s so much that you’ll gain from Janis’s extensive, varied experience in her work as a BCBA.

Take advantage of this beautiful season and make the most of your summer!

For only $97, you’ll get these 3 value-packed courses plus a terrific bonus course. And that will earn you 12 CEUs!