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Very insightful

Lyndsey Binns

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Awesome course very engaging and thought provoking.

Victoria Brown

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This was a great way to learn about the new Ethics code for BCBAs!

Ariel Dahlia

Podcast: Dinosaurs of ABA (0.5 CEUs)

Kelly is joined by Amanda Ralston, founder of Non-binary Solutions, to discuss their 30-year career journey including the changes that have happened in the field. (30 minutes)

The future indicates that while we are still a young field with much to accomplish, technology, compassionate care, and quality-of-life indicators seem to be leading the way. (Proudly sponsored by Cite Pro.)

All about this podcast:

Join host Kelly Bermingham, BCBA and guest speaker Amanda Ralston, BCBA and founder of Non-binary Solutions, as they discuss their experience working as BCBAs during 20+ years of change. 30 minutes. (0.5 CEUs)

0 - 10 minutes:  Kelly introduces herself and guest contributor  Amanda (Mandy) Ralston, founder of Non-binary Solutions ( as they delve into today’s topic, the evolution of BCBA as a career, ethics issues and trends for the future. Kelly and Amanda discuss their certification process as ‘dinosaurs’ in ABA vs today’s certification requirements.

10 - 18 minutes:  Kelly and Amanda discuss being a BCBA in a male-dominated field, including gender issues, ethics and creating an equitable and professional environment for all BCBAs.

18 – 28 minutes:  Kelly and Amanda discuss the evolution of ABA services for ASD including diagnosis, Code of Ethics, clinical training, technology and compassionate care, and quality-of-life indicators.

28 – 30 minutes: Wrap up.

30 minutes: Podcast end.

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