Users of this course will learn:

✅  To guide BCBA's that are supervising BCBA's in training and RBT's
✅  how to establish and maintain supervisory relationships
✅  how to train BCBA's and ensure that they are effective
✅  how to use best practices and principles of behavior to guide and supervise BCBA's in training
✅  techniques in how to provide useful feedback and self-evaluations


Chani Weissmandl


After earning her master’s degree in special education Chani worked for seven years in the preschool in Kiryas Joel Public School in Monroe, N.Y. She started off as a special education teacher, became a BCBA and created “The ABA Center” where mainstreamed students would go to learn social, ADL and communication skills. During this time, Chani also worked for different agencies, gaining valuable experience supervising RBTs and BCBAs in training. After working as a BCBA in Kiryas Joel Public School for seven years, Chani was promoted to assistant principal. She was in a unique position of being able to use her years as a BCBA to guide her staff not only with academic issues but with behavioral issues as well. Chani brings to the table years of experience as a supervisor both through agencies and in a school environment.
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