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“Presenting at CITE was an enriching experience which further developed my own knowledge on the topic. Yocheved was accommodating and easy to work with. I am glad that I had the experience of creating a presentation for CITE.”

Dvora Phillip

“I presented at CITE on multiple occasions, and each time was an enjoyable, straightforward, and rewarding experience. The system is set up so that the presenter focuses on the content and CITE takes care of the rest. Presenting at CITE was a great career move for me and I’d readily recommend it to other passionate and motivated BCBAs!”

Sara Stern

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Current Course Titles Include

The Ethical Imperative Teaching Leisure Skills to Individuals on the Autism Spectrum
Video Self Modeling VB MAPP Highlights
Turning Parents into Partners Visual Support: The Complete Guide for Teaching Visual Learners
Power of Play: Underlying Skills to Boost Play-Based Sessions Behavioral Applications for Hierarchies in Play Levels 1-6

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