Users of this course will learn:

  • Learn about the different kind of funders and how they conceptualize ABA

  • Describe who is behind the approvals and tips for satisfying them to access funding

  • Describe the process for appeals of denials and filing a greivance

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Background: Autism and Insurance; How Insurance Defines ABA

    • Video #1

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  • 3

    Medical Necessity, Medi Cal Plans and Commercial Plans, and Case Example

    • Video #2

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  • 4

    Tips for dealing with funders, Denials- How to deal with them

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  • 5

    Next steps

    • Completion Survey

ABA and Insurance Billing

Learn tips and techniques for meeting insurance requirements and getting PAID for your services.

Insurance as a funder for ABA services is a necessary partner for providing great services. There are many details involved that can result in denials! Learn how to avoid denials and get paid every time.

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5 star rating

This course was very informative, beyond what I thought the course would entail (e.g., denial, grievance).

Jennifer Corrigan

5 star rating

excellent info

Alexis Daniels

5 star rating

ABA and insurance

Samantha Edwards


Dana Crucil MA BCBA

Dana is a star BCBA who presently teaches at Arizona State University. Dana worked for Magellan Health as a Senior Care Manager and BCBA and for Beacon Health Options as a Senior Care Manager before that. Dana knows insurance and ABA from the inside out and has a dynamic manner of presenting her hard-earned knowledge. Dana can be found on LinkedIn and Instagram as @theholistic_bcba
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