Sex ABA!

Your clients with ASD need to learn about safe relationships, sex, puberty, and hygeine. Here is what you can do.

Kelly & Jen speak with Nicholas A. Maio-Aether, MSPSY, LBA, BCBA (he/him/his), Owner of Empowered: A Center for Sexuality LLC, a company that uses ABA strategies to teach and support many things related to Sex. Find the podcast link, code words and survey here.
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All about this podcast:

0-2: Kelly introduces Nicholas Maio-Aether, MAMFT, MSPSY, LBA, CSC, BCBA. Nick explains his transition into ABA and sexuality studies when he saw the lack of training and resources on this topic.

3-5 minutes: Nick describes first experiences as a practitioner and approaching sexuality with clients and the need to acknowledge sexuality as an integral part of ABA training and services.

5 minutes: Ethics code and unethical extinction discussion regarding a client’s right to buy into his or her own needs and behavior, including the need for ASD individuals to be sexually satisfied.

9 minutes: Jen shares her experience with Dylan’s sexual expression and suggests that‘transition to adulthood’ services  should include at least a discussion of sexuality that is meaningful. 

12 minutes: Meaningful and effective sex education is discussed including the need to integrate sex ed into all social development services.      

15 minutes: Approaching positive interventions and various factors that affect sexual behavior while eliminating stigma attached to solo-sex behavior.  

The need to work within ethical boundaries while respecting an individual's personal space when prompting for self-sex behavior, including using gender appropriate models and involving parents in behavior plans, intervention and shaping. 

25 minutes: Discussion on comfort level when approaching sexual behavior, including assessment for clinicians and parents.Transgenderism is noted as prevalent among ASD individuals. Discussion on sexual behavior and private vs public nudity and exposure.

33 minutes: Kelly discusses forced extinction and a BCBAs role in establishing ‘appropriate’ behavior, including the motivation behind a parent’s desire to extinguish certain behaviors.

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