Students completing this course will:

  • Identify the unique experience puberty and sexuality can be for individuals on the autism spectrum.

  • Identify our code of ethics as it relates to the assessment, treatment and support of puberty and sexuality for those with ASD.

  • Identify at least 3 strategies and 3 resources to help guide treatment of puberty and sexuality.

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Puberty and Sexuality: Our Obligations

Learn how you, as an ABA therapist, could and should prepare your adolescent clients (and their caregivers) for puberty and related sexuality issues. (3.5 Ethics CEUs)

Puberty is a difficult time for all adolescents under any circumstance. As an ABA service provider, BCBAs should understand the unique challenges of puberty faced by youths on the autism spectrum (and their caregivers), and be prepared to support growth issues with compassion and confidence.


Kelly McKinnon Bermingham


Kelly Bermingham has been practicing in the field of ABA for 25 years. She received her BCBA in 2003. She is a published author who specializes in Early Intervention Program Development and Social Skills. She has completed research and written several blogs for Autism Speaks during her time at UCI. Kelly specializes in helping teen clients who struggle specifically with challenges in sex and puberty. She’s done loads of research to understand the obstacles that they face and what makes things so difficult for them in this area. She’s proficient at getting to the core of any issue that comes up and does her utmost to help her clients overcome their hardships. Kelly is passionate about helping ASD teens develop into fully functioning, emotionally healthy adults by guiding them in this area. She’s also thrilled about sharing her hands-on experience and vast knowledge with BCBAs just like you.

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5 star rating

Great course! Engaging, informative and full of easily accessible resources!

Shelly Michalak

5 star rating

Great content! Thank You! This information will be perfect for a family I work with. I have been avoiding the elephant in the room but now feel confident to move forward.

Scott Horton

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