Users of this course will be able to:

  • List the elements that create an effective Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)

  • Learn strategies for preventing negative behavior in school

  • Identify appropriate replacement skills

  • Most importantly, learn how to work together with school staff in implementing BIPs

Course curriculum

  • 1


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  • 2

    Getting Started: an Understanding of School Staff and breaking down the BIP

    • Video 1

    • ASR #1

  • 3

    PREVENTING the problem behavior: practical strategies that WORK

    • Video 2

    • ASR #2

  • 4

    Replacement Skills: a repertoire of relevant classroom behaviors with ideas for goal writing

    • Video 3

    • ASR #3

  • 5

    Staff Training and Support

    • Video 4

    • ASR #4

    • Video 5

    • ASR #5

  • 6

    Visuals and Sample Behavior Plans for you

    • Visuals

    • Video #6

  • 7

    Last steps

    • Completion Survey

Create Behavior Intervention Plans in your School

Write BIPS for Schools including Prevention Strategies and Collaboration with school staff


Shira Zelman Pressburger


Shira is Successful Behavior Analyst working with children with special needs and mainstream students. Shira has trained 100s of teachers to implement effective classroom management skills to increase positive behaviors in classrooms. Supervise BCBA candidates and paras to implement ABA teaching methods. Provide in-person workshops and online trainings for BCBAs, Teachers and Special Education Teacher/Therapists.
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