Podcast: Being fire safety ready with the September 26th Project.

Kelly & Jen talk with Los Angeles Fire Captain John Merager (dad to an ASD child) to continue the work started by the September 26th Project. A parent, a BCBA and a firefighter share their viewpoints on safety preparedness. 28 minutes. (0.5 CEUs)

Emergency preparedness and planning are key elements to reducing injuries and fatalities in the case of an emergency such as a fire. Parents and caregivers of ASD individuals have unique considerations when planning for emergencies.

All about this podcast:

Kelly & Jen talk with Los Angeles Fire Captain John Merager (dad to an ASD child) to highlight the September 26th project. As BCBA's, we should help families determine their safety needs and readiness using the September 25th Project checklist as a guideline.

0 - 6 minutes:  Kelly Bermingham, BCBA, and her friend and co-host Jen Lucero (mother to Dylan and Ethan) introduces colleague John and today’s topic - Being fire safety ready using the September 26th Project checklist as a guideline.

6 -  22  minutes: John, Kelly and Jen discuss key elements of emergency preparedness including pre-planning and customizing your contingency plan based on your family's unique needs. Emergency and fire safety strategies are discussed.

17 - 25 minutes: Sensory issues related to ASD are discussed with respect to fire preparedness, including introducing your ASD child to firefighters in a non-emergency environment.

28 minutes: Podcast end.

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