Being fire safety ready!

Learn from a BCBA, a mom, and a firefighter

Identify at least 3 fire safety strategies to implement with clients.

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All about this podcast:

Kelly & Jen talk with John Merager, Fire fighter and Fire Prevention/Patrol Forest service and dad to a child on the autism spectrum to continue work of the September 26th project. The project is call to families to set their calendar for an annual reminder using our fire safety checklists. September 26th Project.   As BCBA's we have so much time assessing and working with families this checklist should be used in our parent clinical interview to determine their safety needs and readiness, and to help families develop an exit plan, a meeting place, a designated family member to get the child with autism out and to the meeting place. Use visual strategies, behavioral rehearsal and reinforcement procedure to practice your child respond to "Emergency, go with me now" SD. Support your family to go to the fire station and meet their team. See if they need training and support. Include fire safety and exit plan in the IEP instead of avoiding the sound. 

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