After completing this course, students will:

  • Identify challenges of a new BCBA, and necessary support.

  • Explore various aspects of the BCBA’s job description

  • Gain practical tips on how to navigate each part of the role successfully

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First Year as a BCBA: From Chaos to Calm

The first year working as a BCBA can be an overwhelming transition from client work to the many roles of a BCBA. Learn how to handle the different aspects of your job including insurance, supervision, evaluations, treatment plans and parent training.

“Help- I’m brand new! What do I do now?” If you’re a new BCBA, you’re most likely familiar with the overwhelming feeling that comes from dealing with the multiple unfamiliar roles that you now play. Whereas until now, you were dealing primarily with focused client work, your current position is much more all-encompassing. Hear practical tips and helpful mindsets from Miriam Yankelowitz, an experienced BCBA who has a very supervisory role in supporting BCBAs. She’ll clearly walk you through all the different aspects of your work including dealing with insurance companies, supervision, performing evaluations, creating treatment plans and parent training.


Miriam Yankelewitz and Tameika Meadows (OBM, Of Blessed Memory)

Board-Certified Behavior Analyst

Miriam Yankelewitz: Miriam Yankelewitz, BCBA, LBA has been working in the field of behavior analysis since 2013. She works as an ABA Clinical Supervisor at BrainBuilders, an ABA agency servicing clients throughout New Jersey and surrounding areas. She is responsible for the training and supervision process for the behavior technicians, RBTs, and BCBA trainees at Brainbuilders. Miriam is passionate about providing quality services that produce significant outcomes for her clients and their families. Through her guidance, Miriam empowers ABA providers to use their unique strengths to implement behavioral interventions successfully. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences about behavior analysis through in-depth training, consultations and interactive workshops. Miriam can be reached at miriamyankelewitz@gmail.com

Tameika Meadows


Tameika Meadows, BCBA* (OBM – Of Blessed Memory): Prior to her untimely death in October, 2022, Veteran BCBA Tameika Meadows served the Atlanta area through her website www.iloveaba.com. She published several resources, including “The Practical ABA Practitioner”, an invaluable training resource for ABA clinicians. Shortly before her passing, Tameika produced the curriculum for "First Year as a BCBA: From Chaos to Calm". Out of deepest respect for Tameika and her commitment to ABA services, Cite Pro is honored to present this course to our students.


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The presentation was very informative.


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well designed and presented course


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Great presenter with thoughtful insights

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