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Very insightful

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Awesome course very engaging and thought provoking.

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This was a great way to learn about the new Ethics code for BCBAs!

Ariel Dahlia

Podcast: Neurodiverse and Severe Autism: Can't we all get along? (0.5 Ethics CEUs)

Kelly Bermingham, BCBA and co-host Jen Lucero explore attitudes and approaches -past and present, to neurodiversity, severe autism and designing BIPs that are effective and compassionate. 29 minutes. (0.5 Ethics CEUs)

Kelly & Jen talk about the role of ABA, strength-based assessments, and the ethical considerations when assessing and treating people with autism across the varying levels of severity of autism, with considerations of consent and assent. (Proudly sponsored by Cite Pro.)

All about this podcast:

Listen as host Kelly Bermingham, BCBA and co-host Jen Lucero (mom to Dylan and Ethan) discuss Neurodiverse and Severe Autism and the role of ABA in developing treatment plans. 29 minutes (0.5 Ethics CEUs)

0 – 2 minutes:  Kelly introduces herself and co-host Jen Lucero (mom to Dylan (ASD) and Ethan) and introduces today’s topic: ‘Neurodiverse and Severe Autism: Can’t we all get along?’ 

2 - 14 minutes:  Kelly describes her role at National Council on Severe Autism and provides a definition for ‘neurodiversity’ as relates to the ‘neurodiverse movement’ and discusses changes/updates to diagnosis of ASD, including how ABA approaches diagnosis and behavior change-management.  Jen reflects on her experience with early methods of assessment and treatment for Dylan including the use of ‘No – No’ prompts, repetitive statements and extinction strategies.

14 – 18 minutes:  Kelly references ‘The Lancet Commission on the future of care and clinical research in autism’ and discusses neurodiversity vs severe autism.

19 – 28 minutes:  The concept of consent and assent is discussed as relates to provision of ABA services. Jen shares her personal and professional experience advocating for Dylan as an individual on the severe end of the Autism spectrum. What are the criteria for assessing functionality and applying correct treatment based on strengths, not weaknesses.

28 – 29 minutes: Wrap up.

29 minutes: Podcast end

Research Article

‘The Lancet Commission on the future of care and clinical research in autism.’

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