Students completing this course will:

  • Identify strategies for developing a strong rapport with parents, to inform treatment and outcomes.

  • List intervention strategies that maximize ecological modification, antecedent management and "pre-problem solving".

  • Use feedback from parents to inform consulting and staff training.

  • Hear strategies to support communication with caregivers and parents, including sample "handouts" for parents.

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Parent Training: Rethinking the Challenges

Feel equipped and confident to team up with Mom and Dad in helping their child.

In this presentation, expert BCBA Janis Krempa will share terrific mindset tips and advice on all this and more. She’ll help you understand the needs and feelings of your client’s parents and will give you tools to enable you to work together as partners.


Janis Krempa


Janis Krempa was board-certified in 2003. Since then, she has practiced behavior analysis in both clinics and private practice. Her career has included school, home, and community based consultation for kids and adults on the autism spectrum and other developmental disorders. She co-authored “Social Sills Solutions: A Hands-On Manual for Teaching Social Skills to Children with Autism” that has become a touchstone in the field of teaching social skills to children with autism. Janis is currently working on 2023 updates to the book including translations to Spanish, French and Portuguese. She is also working on short books for parents new to the diagnosis of ASD and also a BCBA Guide to Supervision. Janis teaches CEU professional development courses in the US & France. She is the owner of Building Steps Forward, a practice that focuses on building social skills, communication skills, self-advocacy and executive function support to young adults on the autism spectrum. Janis is grateful to continue the partnership with Citepro and the opportunity to connect with its very smart and thoughtful clinicians!

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Awesome discussion.

Belkis Marte

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Very insightful

Lyndsey Binns

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