In Holistic Parent Training, you’ll learn:

  • how to move beyond behavior plans and scientific terms to see the deeper picture of what the client’s struggles are all about and how to assist the parents using this knowledge.

  • about the trauma informed care approach and show how to relate to parents with care and sensitivity.

  • PLUS! helpful parent training downloads and handouts to guide your parent training.


  • Identify strategies for developing a strong rapport with parents, to inform treatment and outcomes
  • List intervention strategies that maximize ecological modification, antecedent management and "pre-problem solving" 
  • Use feedback from parents to inform  consulting and staff training
  • Hear strategies to support communication with caregivers and parents-sample "handouts" for parents

Who needs this course?

BCBA's who want to learn more about successful parent training

As a BCBA who’s been trained to base decisions on data, it’s natural to think in black and white, scientific terms. You’ve learned to categorize, label, plan and organize. You’ve made use of reinforcers, behavior plans and data collection- all useful tools in making progress with your clients.

But as much as all this is important, It’s easy to get caught up in the technical aspects of a case and forget about the actual people involved.

Although to you, little Zach is just another client, to his parents, he is everything.

Zach’s mom and dad feel completely intimidated and lost.

They’re reeling from the news that their child has a life-long condition.

They’re struggling terribly trying to manage their day-to-day routine at home.

They’re overwhelmed from all the services that need to be arranged.

They’re yearning for reassurance, guidance and understanding.

And you can help. By hearing fresh mindsets and learning helpful strategies, you can provide the means for parents to weather the storm they’ve been thrown into.

Take Holistic Parent Training and learn how to guide Mom and Dad through:

developing a great rapport so they’ll be open to working with you

seeing beyond their child’s superficial responses to understand the deeper picture

teaching problem solving skills for challenges that come up

helping them overcome difficult extended family and community interactions

showing support and empathy for all they’re going through right now

In this presentation, expert BCBA Janis Krempa will share terrific mindset tips and advice on all this and more. She’ll help you understand the needs and feelings of your client’s parents and will give you tools to enable you to work together as partners.

Not only is Janis a highly experienced BCBA, she’s also a compassionate, relatable mom who understands what parents need to contend with.

By learning from Janis, you’ll feel equipped and confident to team up with Mom and Dad in helping their child.


Janis Krempa


Janis' introduction to behavior analysis began over 25 years ago in 1994 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In 1996, after an invitation from Dr. Ivaar Lovass, she moved to Los Angeles to work at The Lovaas Institute at UCLA. Relocating to Boston in 1997, Janis earned her Master's degree in Education and a graduate certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from Penn State in 2003. She began partnering with families, professionals, and school districts to provide ABA services, conduct program evaluations, and run social skills groups for children and young adults. She also consults for schools, conducts curriculums and behavior assessments. Janis develops IEPs as well as transition and vocational training programs and creates community workshops and parent training. Partnering with Kelly McKinnon-Bermingham, she co-authored "Social Skills Solutions- A Hands-On Manual for Teaching Social Skills to Children with Autism." It quickly became a "go-to" resource for educators, parents, and professionals to teach social skills to children with autism. Janis also began consulting to an inpatient psychiatric hospital for children and adolescents through Northwell Health, N.Y., and provided supervision for prospective BCBA and BCaBa candidates. In her career, Janis has been inspired by incredibly talented professionals and dedicated parents and families of her clients. She uses her passion to contribute to the field of behavior analysis by advocating awareness of the requisite "soft skills''. This includes effective communication, collaboration skills, and professional development as foundational building blocks in achieving excellence in ABA services. In 2019, Janis started “Building Steps Forward” a unique and much needed program to help young adults with ASD learn targeted communication and social skills. This helps them to perform their “personal best” with family, friends and at work, moving towards independence and social success. There’s so much that you’ll gain from Janis’s extensive, varied experience in her work as a BCBA.

Hear why BCBAs just like you *love* Janis’ courses:

  • “Janis was a fabulous speaker!  I appreciated this topic and the quiet passion that she spoke with.  I will be seeking out future presentations by her!”

  • “The presentation was very enjoyable. The presenter was a good communicator, she spoke clearly and gave practical advice.”

  • “This course was delightfully thought provoking and put in to words many feelings I had internally but had not verbally conceptualized.”

  • "Very enjoyable. The presenter was a good communicator, clear, and gave practical advice"

  • "Well presented with lots of positive takeaways

  • "Very good information and well presented" 

  • "Very helpful to everyday practice as a BCBA" 

  • "I now have tools for better collaboration with other professionals by listening and asking questions, to take what I know about my profession and make informed decisions about the behavior intervention plan and treatment programming"

  • "I loved the breakdown of the roles everyone on the team plays and their importance"

  • "I have a better understanding of the perspectives that others have of BCBA's and being more attuned to other perspectives and expertise at the table"

  • "I will think about how I will recognize different providers' reinforcers and goals during meetings, and how I can learn and incorporate them into collaborative outcomes"

  • "I believe I will comprehensively utilize all the topics covered in this presentation"

  • "This course was a reminder to be understanding and collaborative in supporting families.  Listening and sharing often help the process of teaching and learning to be a more positive experience for all"

  • "Stressing the importance of soft skills to my supervisees."

For only $47 you’ll gain:

  • a real understanding of what parents of your clients are dealing with

  • A fresh approach to handling your interactions with Mom and Dad

  • Loads of practical tips and ideas for helping out parents

  • 3.5 BCBA CEUs

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