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    Soft Skills: Let's Dive In

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    The TEAM: Who they are and why they're here (and potential reinforcers)

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    Most Important Member of the Team (Hint: it's not the BCBA!)

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    Perspective + Soft Skills = Success!

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    The 10 Mindset Essentials for Collaboration

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    Parent Training: Expert Tactics

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    Completion Survey

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Users of this course will learn:

  • Identify Core Belief when working with a team

  • Identify perceptions of BCBAs from a “non-ABA” outlook

  • Identify possible (EO) perspectives of professional team members, parents, and the client

  • Identify 3 Growth Mindset strategies to use when talking with team members on behalf of your student

Perspectives and Perceptions- A BCBA’s Guide to Great Collaboration 

Master soft skills as you learn to collaborate beautifully with parents, team members and others! Worth 3 CEUs

In your work as a BCBA, have you ever thought to yourself:

 “There are so many skills that I’ve mastered. I can practically write a behavior plan in my sleep ;). But somehow when it comes to working with other professionals or the family of my client, I’m SO lost!”

How are so many different individuals, each with their own mindset and training, supposed to collaborate to help out this client?”

“I wish I’d have ideas for getting the school and the parents on board with me regarding my client.  It’s so difficult to make progress without these pieces in place.”

We get you.

As a BCBA, you’ve been trained to make decisions based on solid research and proven data. You’ve spent endless hours learning the science behind behavior plans, carefully planning which goals to aim for and a solid plan for reaching those goals.

All this is mighty important. It’s what makes ABA a measurable process that works.

But equally as important is realizing that 

  1. Our clients are much more than a list of data or set of goals

  2. Each member of the team brings unique value and expertise to the table

By working together with all members of the team, whether it’s a social worker, child psychologist, classroom teacher or the family, we’re enabling the client to achieve the utmost that he can in the best way possible.

“OK, I get that collaboration is really important. But I have no idea where I can learn the skills needed for this from someone who understands what being a BCBA is all about! ”

Well, search no longer :).

In this fabulous course, Janice Krempa combines her decades of work as a BCBA, her compassionate, perceptive personality and her own experience as a mom, to guide BCBAs in working well with all members of the team.

Janice gives over a true understanding of every member of the team and what they each bring to the table. She then does a wonderful job explaining how to develop the soft skills necessary to work as a team with each of these members. She uses clear, comprehensive lists as well as powerful visuals to make the ideas she’s discussing come alive.

Perspectives and Perceptions is chock full of tips and ideas in upping your collaboration skills which are all presented in an interesting, pleasant manner. Enjoy this valuable course that will help you tremendously while coordinating with all the important individuals of your client’s team.

Here’s a peek at some of what you’ll get in Janice’s course that will give you a wholesome mindset when it comes to collaboration:

  • Learn what it means to have a growth mindset

  • Increase your patience and understanding of parents

  • Work on really listening to what others have to say

  • Gain a real understanding of the perspectives of other members of the team

  • Realize the importance of proper ‘bedside manner’ as a BCBA

Hear why other BCBAs LOVED Perspectives and Perceptions:

“Janis was a fabulous speaker!  I appreciated this topic and the quiet passion that she spoke with.  I will be seeking out future presentations by her!”


“Great training! I asked our entire department to attend this course!”


“I truly believe that success in our careers has to do with soft skills. Many of us have the knowledge and skills required of our profession. But success with our families requires much more...  Thanks!”


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Janis Krempa


Janis' introduction to behavior analysis began over 25 years ago in 1994 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In 1996, after an invitation from Dr. Ivaar Lovass, she moved to Los Angeles to work at The Lovaas Institute at UCLA. Relocating to Boston in 1997, Janis earned her Master's degree in Education and a graduate certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from Penn State in 2003. She began partnering with families, professionals, and school districts to provide ABA services, conduct program evaluations, and run social skills groups for children and young adults. She also consults for schools, conducts curriculums and behavior assessments. Janis develops IEPs as well as transition and vocational training programs and creates community workshops and parent training. Partnering with Kelly McKinnon-Bermingham, she co-authored "Social Skills Solutions- A Hands-On Manual for Teaching Social Skills to Children with Autism." It quickly became a "go-to" resource for educators, parents, and professionals to teach social skills to children with autism. Janis also began consulting to an inpatient psychiatric hospital for children and adolescents through Northwell Health, N.Y., and provided supervision for prospective BCBA and BCaBa candidates. In her career, Janis has been inspired by incredibly talented professionals and dedicated parents and families of her clients. She uses her passion to contribute to the field of behavior analysis by advocating awareness of the requisite "soft skills''. This includes effective communication, collaboration skills, and professional development as foundational building blocks in achieving excellence in ABA services. In 2019, Janis started “Building Steps Forward” a unique and much needed program to help young adults with ASD learn targeted communication and social skills. This helps them to perform their “personal best” with family, friends and at work, moving towards independence and social success. There’s so much that you’ll gain from Janis’s extensive, varied experience in her work as a BCBA.

Don't just take it from us

Users of this course say:

  • "Very enjoyable. The presenter was a good communicator, clear, and gave practical advice"
  • "Well presented with lots of positive takeaways
  • "Very good information and well presented" 
  • "Very helpful to everyday practice as a BCBA" 
  • "I now have tools for better collaboration with other professionals by listening and asking questions, to take what I know about my profession and make informed decisions about the behavior intervention plan and treatment programming"
  • "I loved the breakdown of the roles everyone on the team plays and their importance"
  • "I have a better understanding of the perspectives that others have of BCBA's and being more attuned to other perspectives and expertise at the table"
  • "I will think about how I will recognize different providers' reinforcers and goals during meetings, and how I can learn and incorporate them into collaborative outcomes"
  • "I believe I will comprehensively utilize all the topics covered in this presentation"
  • "This course was a reminder to be understanding and collaborative in supporting families.  Listening and sharing often help the process of teaching and learning to be a more positive experience for all"
  • "Stressing the importance of soft skills to my supervisees."

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