Students completing this course will:

  • Identify Core Belief when working with a team

  • Identify perceptions of BCBAs from a “non-ABA” outlook

  • Identify possible (EO) perspectives of professional team members, parents, and the client

  • Identify 3 Growth Mindset strategies to use when talking with team members on behalf of your student

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

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  • 2

    Soft Skills: Let's Dive In

    • Video #1

    • Quiz #1

  • 3

    The TEAM: Who they are and why they're here (and potential reinforcers)

    • Video 2

    • Quiz #2

  • 4

    Most Important Member of the Team (Hint: it's not the BCBA!)

    • Video #3

    • Quiz #3

  • 5

    Perspective + Soft Skills = Success!

    • Video #4

  • 6

    The 10 Mindset Essentials for Collaboration

    • Video #5

  • 7

    Parent Training: Expert Tactics

    • Video #6

    • Quiz #4

  • 8

    Completion Survey

    • Completion Survey

Perspectives and Perceptions: A BCBA's Gide to Great Collaboration

Janis Krempa shares practical ways BCBAs can improve their soft skills with clients, parent and colleagues.

Janice Krempa combines her decades of work as a BCBA, her compassionate, perceptive personality and her own experience as a mom, to guide BCBAs in working well with all members of the team. Perspectives and Perceptions is chock full of tips and ideas in upping your collaboration skills which are all presented in an interesting, pleasant manner. Enjoy this valuable course that will help you tremendously while coordinating with all the important individuals of your client’s team.


Janis Krempa


Janis Krempa became a BCBA in 2003. Janis has practiced ABA in many settings, including school, home, and community-based consultation for kids and adults on the autism spectrum and other developmental disorders. Her experiences with early intervention through young adulthood have informed her perspective- and continues to strive to "ask the right questions" to provide top-quality teaching, support, and collaboration. She co-authored “Social Sills Solutions: A Hans-On Manual for Teaching Social Skills to Children with Autism” which has become a touchstone resource in teaching social skills to children with autism. Janis is currently working on 2023 updates to the SSS book including translations to Spanish, French and Portuguese. She is also working on short books for parents new to the diagnosis of ASD and also a BCBA Guide to Supervision. Janis teaches CEU professional development courses in the US & France. She is the owner of Building Steps Forward, a practice that focuses on building social skills, communication skills, self-advocacy and executive function support to young adults on the autism spectrum. Janis is grateful to continue the partnership with Cite Pro and the opportunity to connect with its very smart and thoughtful clinicians!


5 star rating

Loved this course!

Easy to follow! Extremely insightful! Very moving, inspiring and practical!

Easy to follow! Extremely insightful! Very moving, inspiring and practical!

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Sara Muschel

5 star rating

Great and easy course to follow

Zeina Mikhael

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