Podcast: It's all about the siblings: Hear from them!"

Kelly Bermingham and Len Lucero host Jen's son Ethan for a candid discussion about siblings and ASD

Listen to Ethan Jones share his thoughts on growing up as a sibling of a child on the Autism spectrum. Siblings are often on the front-line of supporting an individual with ASD. Most BCBA training programs don't discuss siblings perspectives, yet siblings are an integral part of caregiving and often a strong advocate for services. 25 minutes. (0.5 CEUs)

All about this podcast:

Siblings are an integral part of an ASD household. Hear directly from Ethan, the younger brother of Dylan, as he shares his thoughts on Autism and how having a brother with autism shaped his growth and development. 25 minutes. (0.5 CEUs)

0 - 4 minutes:  Kelly Bermingham, BCBA, introduces her friend and co-host Jen Lucero (mother to Dylan and Ethan) and welcomes Ethan to the show.  

4 - 23 minutes: Ethan shares his perspective as the sibling of someone on the Autism spectrum, including the affect it had on his childhood and now, college-years.

25 minutes: Podcast end.

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