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Compassionate Collaboration and Ruling out the Medical Stuff

Audrey Miller

Podcast: Compassionate Care and Ruling Out the Medical Stuff.

Kelly Bermingham and Jen Lucero, explore compassion and the role compassion plays in being a successful BCBA.

COMPASSION IS KEY: Taylor, Leblanc & Nosik wrote about the need for training for BCBAs in compassionate care. Their survey of caregivers found that many caregivers feel their BCBA is distracted and too focused on solving the problem. Kelly & Jen discuss what this looks like and talk about how the medical issues for those living with autism, like Dylan, can be so stressful and impactful on the family. (0.5 CEUs)

All about this podcast:

Listen to BCBA Kelly Bermingham and Jen Lucero (Parent of an ASD child) explore a recent study on BCBAs, caregivers and compassionate care. 25 minutes. (0.5 CEUs)

0 - 3 minutes:  Kelly introduces herself and her contributor Jen Lucerne (Mom to Dylan (ASD) and Ethan), and reminds listeners to go to for all of her podcasts for FREE CEUs. Kelly discusses the theme for today’s podcast, Compassion Collaboration, and references a recent study by Taylor, Leblanc & Nosik called Compassionate Care in Behavior Analytic Treatment: Can Outcomes be Enhanced by Attending to Relationships with Caregivers? - PMC ( This study relates what parents and caregivers want from their BCBA including an emphasis on compassion and empathy.

3 - 11 minutes: Jen reflects on her experience as a mother with a young child on the ASD spectrum and notes the tendency for BCBAs to want to ‘fix’ the problems, while sometimes ignoring the emotional stress parents experience. Kelly weighs in on this issue and acknowledges at times the caregivers’ feelings and emotional well-being get lost in the desire to succeed and reach behavioral goals. Kelly shares the need for BCBAs to actively listen and engage with caregivers, allowing them to share their emotional needs.  

11 - 25 minutes: Medical conditions (both diagnosed and undiagnosed) are discussed including the emotional and physical effect that medical issues may have on the ASD child, the parent and other caregivers, and the BCBA. Kelly notes that BCBAs are not always trained to address the emotional needs of the caregiver but this is a critical soft skill.  

25 minutes: Podcast end.

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