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Podcast: How do You Connect with a Person Severely Impacted on the Autism Spectrum? (0.5 CEUs)

Kelly and Jen speak with frequent guest Susan Senator - author and Mom to a child on the autism spectrum. 26 minutes. (0.5 CEUs)

Susan Senator's recent article, "The Secret to Connecting with My Autistic Son" provides one Mom's insight to behavioral cues. Why will some people work with the more severely impacted children and adults on the autism spectrum while others won't? What's the secret to connecting with this group of people? Susan Senator is the author of numerous autism books; her writing has appeared in the New York Times, and The Washington Post, among others. She is a contributing author to Psychology Today. Proudly sponsored by Cite Pro.

All about this podcast:

Listen as host Kelly Bermingham, BCBA and co-host Jen Lucero (mom to Dylan and Ethan)welcome Mom and author Susan Senator to discuss her recent article, "The Secret to Connecting with My Autistic Son." 26 minutes (0.5 CEUs)

0 – 5 minutes:  Kelly introduces herself and co-host Jen Lucero (mom to Dylan (ASD) and Ethan) as they welcome today’s guest Susan Senator and introduce today’s topic, “How do You Connect with Someone Severely Impacted on the Autism Spectrum?” Today’s podcast is based on a recent book by Susan: “The Secret to Connecting with My Autistic Son.”

5 –21 minutes:  Kelly, Susan and Jen share some of the behavior cues that they use to understand their respective child’s mindset and various communication cues used to share issues they may be experiencing. Communication approaches that work and communication approaches that don’t work are discussed.

21 – 24 minutes: Kelly shares a personal experience involving connecting with a particular client – the challenges and rewards of making a connection. 

24 – 26 minutes: Susan discusses the need for finding ways to connect with her son as he matures and his interests change.

26 minutes: Podcast end

Reference: The Secret to Connecting With My Autistic Son | Psychology Today /

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