Podcast: Ethical Transitions: Transitioning clients the right and ethical way,

Kelly Bermingham, BCBA and Jen Lucero (Mom to Dylan and Ethan) explore what works, and what doesn't work when it comes to transitioning clients to a new BCBA.

Kelly and Jen discuss the 'great resignation' in the aftermath of Covid 19 including the impact on BCBAs and their clients. In the midst of job transitions, BCBAs must keep their client's needs in mind and work proactively to create a smooth transition to a new BCBA.
two women podcasting about ceu in applied behavior analysis

All about this podcast:

Kelly and Jen explore how BCBAs and their clients are affected by career changes and the client transitions involved. The BACB 2022 Code of Ethics for BCBAs is specifically addressed respective of ethical client transitions.

0 - 4 minutes: Kelly and Jen introduce today’s topic: Transitioning a client to a new BCBA and how the 2022 Code of Ethics addresses the appropriate way in which to transition or terminate client services. BCBAs are transitioning at a record rate, due to Covid and the great resignation, as well as a shortage of BCBAs.


4 – 18 minutes: Jen shares her stories surrounding good BCBA transitions for her son, Dylan. Specific strategies that assisted with a smooth BCBA client transition for Dylan are highlighted. Jen highlights some of the situations when BCBA transitions did not go well and the circumstances that led to stress and behavior issues for Dylan.


18 -  25 minutes: Jen discusses the upcoming transition for Dylan’s change in school programs and the need to prepare in advance as much as possible.  And Kelly references key transition points and behaviors by the BCBA that led to smooth transitions for Dylan in the past.


25- 27 minutes: Podcast wrap-up and end.

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