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Nice interesting discussion on Extinction.

Doretha Green Gibson

5 star rating

Parent + BCBA discussion is valuable!

Susan Parker

5 star rating

Perfect title. The podcast covers the topic.

Leslie Young

Podcast: To use Extinction or to Not use Extinction? (0.5 CEUs)

Kelly and Jen break down the different functions of behavior and discuss why extinction may or may not be warranted, from a BCBA and a caregiver perspective. 28 minutes. (0.5 CEUs)

Over the years, the use of extinction in behavior modification techniques has gained controversy. Extinction tactics and ignoring the problem are not the same. Are there times when extinction methods are acceptable, even preferable? Kelly and Jen provide real-world insight into the use of extinction with an ASD individual. Proudly sponsored by Cite Pro.

All about this podcast:

Listen as host Kelly Bermingham, BCBA and co-host Jen Lucero (mom to Dylan and Ethan) delve into Extinction as a technique for behavior modification. 28 minutes (0.5 CEUs)

0 – 2 minutes:  Kelly introduces herself and co-host Jen Lucero (mom to Dylan (ASD) and Ethan) and introduces today’s topic, “To use Extinction, or to Not use Extinction?” 

2 –13 minutes:  Kelly defines extinction and differentiates extinction and punishment.  Attention-getting behavior is discussed as relates to extinction and reinforcement. Jen shares challenging behavior situations with Dylan and techniques that did, and did not, work when attempting to change his behavior.

13 – 28 minutes: Kelly and Jen discuss whether it is necessary to extinguish various behaviors or not and how shaping, reinforcement and replacement come into play.

28 minutes: Podcast end

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