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Compassionate Collaboration and Ruling out the Medical Stuff

Audrey Miller

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Awesome discussion.

Belkis Marte

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This was a great way to learn about the new Ethics code for BCBAs!

Ariel Dahlia

Podcast: Got Sleep? Not likely if you are raising a child with ASD.

Kelly Bermingham and Jen Lucero, discuss ASD and Sleep: challenges and strategies.

Sleep problems are among the most urgent concerns for families grappling with autism. Nearly 80% of toddlers with ASD have disrupted sleep. Issues related to falling asleep, and more importantly, staying asleep, result in those living with ASD being in REM sleep 15% of the time, vs 23% of their neurotypical counterparts. But what about the caregivers? How does this affect them, and what can we do as BCBAs to help? Kelly & Jen talk all things strategy. 28 minutes. (0.5 CEUs)

All about this podcast:

Listen to BCBA Kelly Bermingham and Jen Lucero (Parent of an ASD child) discuss ASD and sleep: challenges, strategies and what a BCBA can do to help. 28 minutes. (0.5 CEUs)

0 - 4 minutes:  Kelly introduces herself and her contributor Jen Lucero (Mom to Dylan (ASD) and Ethan), and introduces today’s topic – ASD and Sleep.   Kelly discusses a study as relates to ASD and disrupted sleep indicating that disrupted sleep is one of the most urgent concerns for caregivers and families of children with ASD. 

4 - 10 minutes:  Related health conditions that affect sleep are discussed.  Jen reflects on her experience with Dylan and the medical conditions that interrupted his sleep patterns and affected his behavior. Kelly weighs in on this issue and shares the need for establishing a nighttime ‘pattern of routine.’

10 – 24 minutes:  Waking patterns are discussed including strategies for reducing periods of waking during the night.  The pros and cons of daytime napping are weighed and discussed.

24 – 28 minutes: Jen shares her perspective on best practices for providing ABA services during the sleep-deprived days.

28 minutes: Podcast end.

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