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Christina Aguilar

5 star rating

Interesting course.


5 star rating

Interesting course.


Podcast: Joint attention is a behavior cusp skill. (0.5 CEUs)

Kelly Bermingham delves into 'Joint Attention', and provides strategies to create an MO for this important behavioral cusp skill. 25 minutes (0.5 CEUs)

Coordinated eye gaze and shared experiences with others, known as joint attention, is considered a prerequisite skill for other skills, including imitation, social engagement, and communication – a behavior cusp skill. Teaching this skill is often left out of ABA programs because it is challenging to teach, and requires very thoughtful and specific planning. Hear more from Kelly about this topic. Proudly sponsored by Cite Pro.

All about this podcast:

Listen as host Kelly Bermingham, BCBA defines behavioral cusp skills and provide an overview of behavioral cusp skills, specifically Joint Attention. 25 minutes (0.5 CEUs)

0 - 5 minutes: Kelly introduces today’s topic: Joint attention is a behavior cusp skill and discusses her early work with discrete trial training and the Early Start Denver Model.

5 - 10 minutes: Behavioral cusps are defined including examples and relevance to behavior training and ASD.  Joint Attention is described for infants on the Autism Spectrum vs neurotypical infants. ABA levels of impaction and support are discussed.

11 - 21 minutes: MOs for Joint Attention as impacted by ASD is described, and Kelly provides strategies for overcoming this challenge.

21 - 25 minutes: Kelly shares ‘next steps’ and resources for continuing education on this topic.

25 minutes: Podcast end


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