Podcast: The Practice of treating others with compassion, dignity & respect.

Kelly Bermingham and Jen Lucero, along with author Susan Senator and Lindsey Radcliffe, BCBA explore key elements of the BACB Code of Ethics.

Listen to Kelly, Jen, Lindsey and Susan provide a retrospective on the 2nd principle of the BACB code of Ethics: treating others with compassion, dignity and respect. Treating individuals on the ASD spectrum with dignity, compassion and respect is a core principle of the BACB code of Ethics and an integral part of providing ABA services in a truly respectful manner. 59 minutes. (1.0 Ethics CEUs)

All about this podcast:

Explore one of the key principles of the BACB Code of Ethics : Treating others with compassion, dignity and respect.

1 - 5 minutes: Kelly and Jen introduce today’s topic – treating others with compassion, dignity and respect and welcome their guests: Susan Senator, author, advocate and mother of an ASD child, and Lindsey Radcliffe, CEO of Morning Star ABA. 

5 - 10 minutes: Susan shares her background and the events that led her to focus on resources and strategies for caregivers to ASD individuals. 

10- 12 minutes: The importance of including the ASD individual in the conversation is discussed, including that inclusion is a basic component of compassion, dignity and respect. 

12 – 18 minutes: Lindsey shares her background and childhood including her diagnosis on the autism spectrum. 

18 – 40 minutes: ASD ‘identity’ is discussed including techniques for assimilating ASD individuals into the larger community and public attitudes towards ASD individuals.  

40 – 57 minutes: Jen and Susan recall their challenges in managing aggression and other behaviors experienced by a child with ASD. Coping techniques and behavior intervention techniques are discussed. 

57-58 minutes: Podcast end.

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