Podcast: What Caregivers Want from their BCBA?

Kelly Bermingham and Jen Lucero, explore the caregiver 'wishlist' of things they want from their BCBA..

Listen to Kelly & Jen talk about the good and the not-so-good things a BCBA can do when meeting and working with families with children with autism. Caregivers often meet up to 10 different BCBA's in their journey. Most BCBA training programs don't discuss caregiver perspectives, yet caregivers are the ones raising their children with autism. 29 minutes. (0.5 CEUs)

All about this podcast:

Caregivers often meet up to 10 different BCBA's in their journey. Listen to BCBA Kelly Bermingham and Jen Lucero(Parent of an ASD child) explore good and not so good experiences that parents and caregivers of clients sometimes experience. . 29 minutes. (0.5 CEUs)

0 - 4 minutes:  Kelly Bermingham, BCBA, introduces her friend and co-host Jen Lucero (mother to Dylan and Ethan) and discusses the impetus behind today’s topic - ‘What Caregivers want from their BCBAs’, including the advent of insurance coverage of services and the consequences.

4 - 12 minutes: Jen shares her insight on both positive and not-so-positive experiences she has had with BCBAs over the past 15+ years including the importance of giving voice to the caregiver, respecting historical knowledge and reflecting on the needs of the client from the caregiver’s perspective. 

12 - 17 minutes: Client records, medical history, insurance assessments and parent’s input are discussed including ensuring other caretakers (neighbors, friends, grandparents, etc) are involved in the assessment process.

17 - 25 minutes: BCBA attitudes towards, and interest in the client and caregiver are explored including respecting the caregivers’ role and understanding that client-care extends beyond the BCBA’s role and is often a 24/7 responsibility for the caregiver.

25 minutes: Kelly references her favorite article on this compassionate care model, written by Dr. Taylor, Dr. LeBlanc, and Dr. Nosic.  

Compassionate Care in Behavior Analytic Treatment: Can Outcomes be Enhanced by Attending to Relationships with Caregivers? - PubMed (nih.gov)

29 minutes: Podcast end.

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