This course will:

  • Examine Basic ABA Concepts from a different perspective

  • Examine target behaviors from the inside out.

  • Explore target behaviors from the perspective of the person witnessing them.

  • Expand your repertoire of antecedent strategies.

  • Teach additional antecedent strategies to your clients and families.

  • Examine differential reinforcement strategies utilizing techniques learned.

  • Include these principles into behavioral intervention plans and individualized education plans.

  • Build a correlation between principles and The BCBA Task List.

  • Practice incorporating these principles into your real life situation.

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Supercharge your ABA Techniques by Utilizing Yoga and Meditation Principles

Provide your clients and their families with alternative antecedent strategies and demonstrate how to incorporate them into a daily routine.

It would be beneficial to yourself and your clients, to understand yourself as a BCBA, including your strengths and weaknesses. According to the BCBA Task List, it is important to develop cultural competency, in order to understand your clients and their families better. The greater that we can broaden our lens and expand our tool box, the more that we can bring to our practice as behavior analysts. This course will encourage you to examine basic ABA concepts from a different perspective.


Rona Levine


Rona Levine was a special education teacher from 1983 to 2017. She taught in self-contained special education classrooms in Brooklyn, Westchester and Ulster County, N.Y. She provided early intervention and preschool special education services for 18 years in Westchester County, N.Y.

Rona received her BCBA certification in 2014 and provided home-based ABA services from 2015 to 2017. Currently, she provides BCBA services to a school district in CT.

At the start of the pandemic, Rona offered yoga and meditation classes to school staff to support them during that time period. Concurrently, Rona studied meditation, alternative forms of healing, personal energy systems, and yoga since 1986. Rona is trained in Mindful Based Stress Reduction. She is certified in Prana Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and received training in Yin Yoga. She will be completing her Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in December 2021.

She is currently enrolled in The Institute for Sustainable Nutrition where she is learning how to create sustainable gardens and integrate native plants into cooking, creating teas and other health products using natural ingredients.
Rona is the Founder of Intuitive Arts, which was developed to support people in enriching their lives through the integration of body, mind, and spirit.


5 star rating

Clearly explained.

This was one of the best CEUs I have taken. Every part of developing a toilet training plan was explained. I appreciated the case examples.

This was one of the best CEUs I have taken. Every part of developing a toilet training plan was explained. I appreciated the case examples.

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Hillary Mazur

5 star rating

well designed and presented course


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