Users of this course will be able to:

  • Define clinical identity.

  • Understand that they bring themselves into their work/practice.

  • Recognize the interplay between clinical identity and career satisfaction.

  • Assess goodness-of-fit based on clinical identity.

Define Your Clinical Identity at Work

Determine your clinical identity and learn to recognize the interplay between clinical identity and career satisfaction.

In this eye-opening course, Tameika Meadows discusses a topic that is rarely spoken about, yet is so crucial in our work as BCBAs. Understand how doing work that’s a good fit for you can spell the difference between miserable job dissatisfaction and simply loving what you do. Hear practical tools and strategies for identifying that great fit so you can make the most of your work as a BCBA while achieving true job satisfaction.


Tameika Meadows


Tameika Meadows, BCBA* (OBM – Of Blessed Memory): Prior to her untimely death in October, 2022, Veteran BCBA Tameika Meadows served the Atlanta area through her website www.iloveaba.com. She published several resources, including “The Practical ABA Practitioner”, an invaluable training resource for ABA clinicians. Shortly before her passing, Tameika produced the curriculum for "First Year as a BCBA: From Chaos to Calm". Out of deepest respect for Tameika and her commitment to ABA services, Cite Pro is honored to present this course to our students.
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