Users of this course will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between Tolerance and Cultural Competence.

  • Examine how everyone has a culture.

  • Identify applicable BACB guidelines.

  • Evaluate how to really "see" the client/consumer.

Course curriculum

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    How culture plays a role in our work as a BCBA (and culture doesn't mean race!)

  • 3

    BACB Ethics as they relate to "seeing" your client

  • 4

    Real World Applications! Let's get practical.

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Cultural Competence as a BCBA

Understand the importance of being culturally diverse as a BCBA. Learn practical tools and mindsets to achieve the crucial goal of becoming a practitioner who respects the cultural beliefs of others and can handle those who don’t yet respect theirs.

As BCBAs, we often need to deal with clients’ families who have a different set of religious beliefs or come from a drastically different culture than ours. Hear tips from the trenches as Tameika Meadows shares her professional experience in handling these differences. After taking this impactful course, you’ll feel enlightened and empowered to deal with the families of your clients who don’t share your culture or beliefs. You’ll also be armed with powerful mindsets and tools to properly view any cultural differences that you find in your clients.


Tameika Meadows


Tameika Meadows, M.Ed., Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (#1-12-11485), resides in the Atlanta, Georgia area and has nearly two decades of experience providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment to the Autistic population with a focus on toddlers and school-age children. Ms. Meadows obtained her graduate degree in School Psychology from Georgia Southern University in 2008, and her career passions include Early Intervention, Functional Communication Training, Clinician Support & Mentoring, and Parent Coaching. Ms. Meadows is the creator/author of the blog & resource website: www.ILoveABA.com, which is accessed daily by thousands of people all over the world. Through her website Ms. Meadows provides simple and practical ABA information, strategies, and tips across a variety of topics from teaching communication skills to addressing disruptive behaviors. Ms. Meadows has authored multiple Applied Behavior Analysis books and staff manuals, such as: “101 Ways to do ABA”, an introductory resource guide for parents and therapists; “From A to Z: Teaching Skills to Children with Autism”, a resource guide for educators; “A Manual: Creating an Autism Intervention Program”, a resource guide for ABA practice owners; and “The Practical ABA Practitioner”, an invaluable training resource for ABA clinicians. Ms. Meadows currently practices as a Telehealth Consultant, providing support and training to RBTs, clinicians, organizations, schools, and families, located within Georgia as well as around the world.
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