What's this course about?

In this two-part series, Rona will enlighten us on 

  1. how to care for ourselves so we can continue to do our utmost for others

  2. how to incorporate self-care in our client sessions to help them reach their goals

Whether you’re feeling over your head with your daily schedule or you don’t have a minute to yourself, Rona’s first course will give you the tools you need. And if you don’t feel overwhelmed to this extent yet, this course will make sure that you don’t reach that point. 

In Rona’s second course, you’ll hear great ideas and advice on applying these relaxation tools in your client work, helping your clients to achieve their goals.

Here’s what’s so incredible about Preventing Burnout- Creating a Self-Care Toolbox :

.>>> It’s measurable!-- See clearly how stress shows up in your life + take data to reduce it

>>> It’s practical! -- Learn exercises for stress reduction that can be done in five minutes!

>>> It’s empowering!-- When our stress levels go down, we feel grounded and in control.

>>> It’s multi-purpose!- Use these methods for stress at work or in any other area of your life


What you will learn

  • Course #1 will cover:
    Methods for stress reduction which include taking data
    Identify game-changing mindsets that will empower you to avoid stress
    Maintain better instructional control by stating how it’s affected by stress
    State how stress affects you and learn practical, quick exercises to de-stress

  • Course #2 will cover:
    Relaxation tools you can use to teach your clients to be more grounded and relaxed
    Techniques that can work in any setting whether it’s at home, in a center or in school
    Goals that can be easily incorporated into an IEP
    Methods that can be used with verbal and non-verbal clients
    Tools that can be taught 1:1 or in a classroom setting


  • Do I get CEUs for watching the recording?


  • Will I enjoy this course if I know nothing about yoga?

    Sure! Rona goes through all the steps clearly to ensure you will be able to implement technique

  • Do I need to take both courses?

    Even if you don't take both courses, you’ll still benefit tremendously from taking one course as a stand-alone.


Rona Levine


Rona Levine was a special education teacher from 1983 to 2017. She taught in self-contained special education classrooms in Brooklyn, Westchester and Ulster County, N.Y. She provided early intervention and preschool special education services for 18 years in Westchester County, N.Y.

Rona received her BCBA certification in 2014 and provided home-based ABA services from 2015 to 2017. Currently, she provides BCBA services to a school district in CT.

At the start of the pandemic, Rona offered yoga and meditation classes to school staff to support them during that time period. Concurrently, Rona studied meditation, alternative forms of healing, personal energy systems, and yoga since 1986. Rona is trained in Mindful Based Stress Reduction. She is certified in Prana Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and received training in Yin Yoga. She will be completing her Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in December 2021.

She is currently enrolled in The Institute for Sustainable Nutrition where she is learning how to create sustainable gardens and integrate native plants into cooking, creating teas and other health products using natural ingredients.
Rona is the Founder of Intuitive Arts, which was developed to support people in enriching their lives through the integration of body, mind, and spirit.


Here is what they are saying about Rona's courses:

“Over the 30+ years I have known Rona, I have witnessed her acquire and refine many healing modalities designed to promote healing and well-being, including reducing ever-increasing levels of stress we feel in our workplaces and personal lives. She has become quite skilled at assisting her clients in acquiring these modalities for themselves. I highly recommend her program to you.” ~Lucy B.

“I have worked with Rona for over 2 years and have been able to participate in many of her trainings and witness first hand her work in the classroom. It’s not easy to get an entire 4th-grade class to participate in yoga and meditation but Rona makes it relevant and fun for the students and simple to recreate as the teacher. She creates a non-judgmental atmosphere for them to explore, ask questions and just take a mindful break from the daily routine. I’ve also participated in parent trainings with Rona where she brings that same attitude and professionalism. Parents often comment how thankful they are for her perspective and time. I would highly recommend any of Rona’s classes/trainings as you will leave with a mountain of ideas and the confidence to be successful!" ~Nikki Bernardi